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Occupational Health and Wellbeing Services

NPH Group is a fully accredited Occupational Health and Wellbeing Company. We provide valued and trusted face-to-face and remote home and work-based assessments, health surveillance, medicals, testing and education services to individuals and businesses.

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We offer a complete ecosystem of occupational health and wellbeing services as a solution to businesses and individuals.  For business clients, we work hard to maximise productivity and minimise costs.

Our system refers to the interconnected pillars of NPH Group, for patients, families, communities, businesses and their employees, and other stakeholders that work together to achieve positive health outcomes.

Our focus is on achieving this in the work place, where our mission is to enhance the quality of the work-based occupational health and wellbeing, by promoting primary prevention of disease risks, and monitoring and management of work based exposures and activities, so individuals and business can support healthier longer lives in society, with a reduced dependence on public services

For businesses, we make evaluating requirements a breeze with our online Business Health Evaluation Tool, which is available to all prospective and current clients.  It saves you money and time; and we will help you to assess your requirements.

Then, why not attend one of our Drop In Sessions and come and meet us in person if you would like to discuss your company needs over a tea or coffee.  We would love to meet you.


At our core are six health pillars dedicated to achieving maximum health and support for businesses and their employees: Employment Medicals, Health Surveillance, Attendance Management, Health Screening, Health Promotion and Drug and Alcohol. Individually these are tailored to specific needs, while together they work alongside one another to form a complete solution that our clients can access whenever they require.  Some benefits of an ecosystem of healthcare include:

Increased collaboration and coordination

Our ecosystem of healthcare fosters collaboration and coordination between NPH Group, our clients, employees, patients, and their families. This results in more effective and efficient healthcare delivery in the work place and at home.

Improved access to healthcare

Patients in an our ecosystem of healthcare have improved access to healthcare. This is because various we work together with various carefully selected providers to ensure that patients receive the care they need when they need it. These include, diagnostic providers, laboratories, equipment suppliers, and complimentary service providers for example

Enhanced patient outcomes

Our ecosystem of healthcare enhances patient outcomes by providing holistic and integrated care. This results in improved client satisfaction, enhanced primary prevention of disease, reduced hospital readmissions, and better overall health meaning people can live and work for longer. It is about the quality of a working life and a healthy retirement to enable businesses to manage its workforce as effectively as possible from the perspective of health

Better patient engagement

Patients are more engaged in their care when they are part of an ecosystem of healthcare. This is because they have access to a variety of healthcare resources and support systems that enable them to take an active role in managing their health.

Cost-effective healthcare

Our ecosystem of healthcare can lead to cost-effective healthcare in business. This is because it reduces duplication of services and time out of a business, and improves the coordination of care, leading to better health outcomes at a lower cost. Its about the person being seen at the right time, in the right place and the avoidance of duplication or unnecessary time.

Overall, the NPH Group ecosystem of healthcare benefits all stakeholders involved. It results in a more efficient and effective Occupational Health and Wellbeing solution that improves outcomes for clients and reduces costs for businesses.

Combining our clinical and business expertise, we’ll work with you to understand and evaluate your business needs and its health challenges, and develop a truly tailored occupational health strategy that works.

Key benefits

  • Protects the health and wellbeing of your workforce by proactively preventing work-related ill health
  • Helps get your employees back to work through case management and specialist rehabilitation that’s led by clinicians not process.
  • Addresses all the things businesses and employees need to comply with by law. To ensure the workplace is a safe environment for everyone.
  • Although predominantly based in the North East, we are able to offer the majority of our onsite and remote services nationally as well.

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NPH Works

Employment Medicals

employment_medicalsNPH Group Medicals are a great way of ensuring that staff are fit and healthy in order to perform their roles. They identify any pre-existing medical conditions that might go undetected otherwise.

Health Surveillance

Health SurveillanceMany industries can be classed as hazardous. Where people are exposed to things like noise, fumes, or even radiation, companies have a legal obligation to carry out health surveillance of their employees.

Absence Management

Absence managementFor employees with health issues, our absence management strategy is to support employees to stay in work, return to work or address presenteeism (attending work when you’re ill).

NPH Life

Health Screening

health_screeningHealth screening is the first step in introducing a more serious approach to the health and wellbeing of your employees. They are structured and organised in a way that helps people understand more about their personal health.

Health Promotion

health_promotionEmpowering employees through health education is one of the most effective ways to nurture a happier, healthier workforce. Health Promotion gives employees all the knowledge, tools, and training they need to feel confident and motivated to take their health and wellness into their own hands.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Drug and Alcohol TestingDrug and alcohol testing is necessary for some businesses. It is widely needed to ensure employees who perform critical tasks such as driving are fit to do so. Businesses can also use testing as part of their pre-employment process and as part of random testing programmes.

Frequently asked questions

The beauty of Occupational Health is that there is no ‘typical’ user. All businesses can benefit from working with an Occupational Health provider in some capacity, and NPH Group have a diverse client portfolio that ranges from professional and education institutions to software companies, manufacturers, and travel and logistics firms – all of which require a slightly different combination of our 6 pillars.

The benefits of working with an Occupational Health provider are numerous. Having a trusted, experienced, professional, and impartial support structure in place to ensure you have the best guidance available to you.

Our Occupational Health services are delivered via what we call the ‘Six Pillars’ of our core services; Health Surveillance, Employment Medicals, Attendance Management, Health Screening, Health Promotion and Drug and Alcohol testing. These pillars have been defined to be used collaboratively, to create a total occupational health provision that covers all aspects of support that an organisation would need.

There are no limits to the industries that benefit from occupational health services. From professional services such as law firms, to educational institutions, to manufacturers and logistics companies – all organisations can benefit from working with us. There may be differences in which of our six pillars would best suit the organisations, but this is something we can help and support with.

What our clients say


It was a pleasure to work with the Occupational Health nurse and I look forward to working with NPH again soon. Thanks to all the team for an excellent service,

SHE Advisor, Wessington Cryogenics