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Occupational Health Services for Businesses

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Occupational Health & Wellbeing

At NPH Group, we offer more than a mere suite of occupational health and wellbeing services — we deliver a complete ecosystem designed to uplift businesses and individuals alike. For our valued and hard working business clients, our relentless pursuit is optimising productivity while minimising costs, ensuring a harmonious blend of success and sustainability by working with our business clients in partnership.

Grounded in our core values of being Personal, Responsive, and Professional, we introduce a holistic system, symbolised by the interconnected Health Pillars of NPH Group, uniting employees, families, communities, businesses, and other stakeholders in a collective journey towards positive health outcomes.

For businesses seeking clarity and guidance, our online Business Health Evaluation Tool simplifies the process of learning more about your needs, saving precious time, while our dedicated team stands ready to assist in assessing your needs and charting a path towards optimised health and productivity.


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Overall, the NPH Group healthcare ecosystem benefits all stakeholders involved, delivering a streamlined, effective Occupational Health and Wellbeing solution that elevates client outcomes and drives cost savings for businesses.  Drawing on our broad expertise in both clinical and business domains, we are deeply committed to understanding your unique business needs and health challenges, tailoring a bespoke occupational health strategy that resonates with your organisational mission and objectives. Together, let’s embark on a collaborative journey towards better health and lasting success.

Key benefits

  • Safeguarding Wellbeing and Security - Our services prioritise the health and well-being of your workforce, proactively minimising work-related health concerns to create a secure and nurturing work environment that values the physical and mental well-being of every individual.
  • Support for Employee Recovery and Resilience - Dedicated case management and personalised rehabilitation, led by compassionate clinicians, prioritise an empathetic, people-focused approach over processes, ensuring your employees receive the care and support they need to successfully return to work, fostering healing and resilience in times of challenge.
  • Promoting Compliance and Safety - By addressing legal requirements comprehensively, we cultivate a safe workplace environment that not only meets regulatory standards but ensures the well-being and safety of every individual, fostering a culture of compliance, care, and security for all.
  • Accessible Care, Nationwide Support - While rooted in the North East, our commitment to well-being extends beyond boundaries, offering a range of onsite and remote services nationwide. This accessibility ensures that individuals and businesses across the country can benefit from our dedicated support and expertise, promoting health and safety for all, regardless of their location.

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Occupational Health

Employment Medicals

employment_medicalsFirst Impressions Count. Set the standard with Employment Medicals that ensure every new hire or role is fit, healthy, and ready to contribute to your success. Attract top talent by showcasing your commitment to employee health right from the start, building strong, meaningful relationships from day one.

Health Surveillance

Health SurveillanceEmpower Your Workforce, Elevate Your Business. Discover how our Health Surveillance can keep your team healthy, boosting productivity and impressing everyone from employees to executives with bespoke role based solutions. Stay ahead of health risks and ensure your team is in prime condition.

Absence Management

Absence managementMinimise downtime, maximise output. Our Absence Management solutions bring health and productivity to the forefront, making every workday smoother and more secure. Reduce absenteeism, keep your team active and engaged, and provide the security your company needs to thrive.

Health and Wellbeing

Health Screening

health_screeningKnow More, Worry Less. Comprehensive Health Screening turns fear into empowerment, giving your employees peace of mind and more time to focus on what matters most. By detecting potential health issues early, we help keep your team safe, secure, and focused on creating value, not just income.

Health Promotion

health_promotionLet’s Build a Culture of Wellness Together. With our Health Promotion services, impress and engage your employees and peers by championing a healthier, more vibrant workplace. Our tailored wellness and education sessions, not only make your employees healthier but also elevate your company as a desired place to work.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Drug and Alcohol TestingSafety, Compliance, Confidence. Our Drug and Alcohol Testing services ensure your workplace not only meets industry standards but sets them. Protect your team and your company’s reputation with rigorous testing that provides security and peace of mind for everyone, from the ground up.


Frequently asked questions

The beauty of Occupational Health is that there is no ‘typical’ user. All businesses can benefit from working with an Occupational Health provider in some capacity, and NPH Group have a diverse client portfolio that ranges from professional and education institutions to software companies, manufacturers, and travel and logistics firms – all of which require a slightly different combination of our 6 pillars.

The benefits of working with an Occupational Health provider are numerous. Having a trusted, experienced, professional, and impartial support structure in place to ensure you have the best guidance available to you.

Our Occupational Health services are delivered via what we call the ‘Six Pillars’ of our core services; Health Surveillance, Employment Medicals, Attendance Management, Health Screening, Health Promotion and Drug and Alcohol testing. These pillars have been defined to be used collaboratively, to create a total occupational health provision that covers all aspects of support that an organisation would need.

There are no limits to the industries that benefit from occupational health services. From professional services such as law firms, to educational institutions, to manufacturers and logistics companies – all organisations can benefit from working with us. There may be differences in which of our six pillars would best suit the organisations, but this is something we can help and support with.

What our clients say


It was a pleasure to work with the Occupational Health nurse and I look forward to working with NPH again soon. Thanks to all the team for an excellent service,

SHE Advisor, Wessington Cryogenics

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