Attendance Management

For employees with health issues, our attendance management strategy is to support employees to stay in work, return to work or address presenteeism (attending work when you’re ill).


Our programmes ease the burden on Human Resources and Health & Safety Management by providing you with a clear linear process, which keeps you better informed and provides access to timely reports. These enable decisions to be made about which clear path best supports employees in the workplace or those returning to work.

Having an established attendance management system in place is essential for most businesses. It means fewer claims for work-related absence, the opportunity to amend job roles to support early return, and change of role. This increases productivity while providing vital support for employees who need it.

Attendance management programmes are delivered remotely via phone or video call, or face to face either at one of our clinics or onsite as part of a blocked clinic (half or full day).

Having an effective attendance management strategy in place will reassure you that your business is fully compliant with Disability Legislation and Employee Assistance.

Counselling is the provision of professional assistance and guidance in resolving personal or psychological problems.

Our expert team of Physiotherapists at Physiotherapy Matters provides fast access to remote and face to face assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation to help employees back to better physical health, helping reduce and prevent sickness absence episodes.

To find out more about this medical, please use the form below to get in touch

To find out more about this medical, please use the form below to get in touch

When an employee takes early retirement, either due to ill-health or for any other reason, they will often be referred for an ill-health retirement medical to assess the ground for early retirement if related to ill health.

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