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When it comes to employment medicals, HR or Health and Safety Managers, and individuals who are self employed, often face the challenge of ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations while managing the administrative burden of medical records and certifications for your business or for you personally. Our tailored solutions address these pain points by offering streamlined compliance processes and integrated medical record management systems, relieving you of the overwhelming burden, and ensuring you know what’s needed for certification and compliance purposes.


Minimise workplace health risks

Maintain employee health

Ensure compliance

What our clients say


After making the decision earlier in the year to move 100% of our occupational health service provision to NPH Group, we could not be happier with the service levels. NPH has worked in partnership with MGL and complements our culture and values, providing an impartial service working on behalf of ourselves and our employees to keep people at work and to get people back to work.

A systematic review of the service provided has resulted from a good collaboration, streamlining the service to ensure the offering available is the most suitable to the business needs and flexible enough to accommodate changes at short notice due to the demands of working in a dynamic industry.

MGL Group
Save time and reduce your costs when managing Employment Medicals, using our digital business health evaluation process. We help you easily identify your employee risks, prioritise their roles and activities, then simply manage your own bookings in a bespoke online diary. We saved our most recent new business client 30% (£15K) on the cost of delivery...find out how?

Key benefits

  • Feefo Platinum trusted service award
  • Employee Role Based Needs Evaluation
  • Workplace exposure and activity review
  • Bespoke Personal and Business Appointments Lengths
  • Book your own appointments online
  • Recall system
  • Compliance with Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and HSE regulations
  • Customer service centre

Frequently asked questions

Employment medicals are part of an organisations risk assessment process to mitigate against any risk of injury.

An Employment Medical consist of pre filled questionnaires, testing and/or consultion with a qualified OH clinician.

An Employment Medical should be performed to give reassurance that an employee is fit to carry out a specific task or job.

Results from an employment medical will be given within 5 working days.

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