Health Surveillance

Many industries can be classed as hazardous. Where people are exposed to things like noise, fumes, or even radiation, companies have a legal obligation to carry out health surveillance of their employees.


Health surveillance is often a mandatory requirement within certain industry sectors, and consists of repeated health checks used to identify ill health caused in work. An important part of occupational health is how the work environment can impact on health. As an employer, you must make sure workers’ health is not negatively impacted by their work when they are exposed to health risks, even when there are controls in place.

While the main benefit of health surveillance may seem like keeping up-to-date with legislation, the real value is far greater for your people. Our health surveillance programmes seek to detect problems early, enabling us to get to the root cause of any concern. By being specialists in prevention, treatment and management of work-related illnesses, we help you to ensure your workplace is healthier.

Health risks which require health surveillance include noise, vibration and substances hazardous to health. It is essential that employers detect any signs of ill-health effects that could be potentially caused by the employees exposure in their working environment at an early stage. These services are predominantly delivered on site to ensure maximum clinical efficiency and minimal disruption to an employees working day. Depending on the exposures of the job role, health surveillance assessments can consist of respiratory, audiometry, vision, skin, HAVS and isocyanate testing.

Health surveillance programmes ensure HSE compliance and bring peace of mind to employers, so that you can feel confident that all of your risks are managed effectively. Companies we work with experience reduced absenteeism due to work exposure related health concerns.

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Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) is a condition that’s caused by prolonged use of vibrating tools such as hand held power tools or vibrating compacter.

At every stage of the HAVS medicals, we will provide recommendations for each employee along with the relevant certificates.

HAVS medical – 1,2,3,4 (including report for 4)

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