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Essential Vitamins


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What’s tested

  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B9 (Folate)
  • Vitamin B12

What is an essential vitamins test?

Our Essential Vitamins test includes three key vitamins for health and wellbeing. Vitamin B12 is important for red blood cell production and preventing cardiovascular diseases, it cannot be produced by our body and is found naturally in our food. Folate, also known as Vitamin B9 or folic acid, is important for making DNA and proteins in your body, as well as producing energy needed for physical activity. Vitamin D is vital for bone health, muscle function, immune modulation, protection against chronic diseases and increased athletic performance. Most of the vitamin D we need is produced in the skin when exposed to sunlight, and some can be absorbed through our diet.

You should take this test if you think you might be deficient in one of these vitamins or you want to monitor the effects of a healthy lifestyle.

What is included

  • A finger prick kit and vials for blood collection
  • A clear set of instructions
  • A pre-paid, self-adhesive shipping label
  • Results from an accredited lab within 3 days of receipt
  • Access to your own online dashboard to view your detailed results