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Calf Compression Sleeves


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Gradient compression for optimal muscle recovery

The Riixo Recovery calf compression sleeves have a seamless design that applies 360° gradient compression to help reduce muscle soreness by promoting blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

Speed up your recovery after high intensity exercise with the Riixo Recovery Calf sleeve.

Our calf sleeves are designed specifically for recovery. They have a Grade 2 compression level which is higher than standard compression sleeves worn when running. This helps the body to process and remove the by-products deposited in the muscle after high intensity exercise.

The seamless design ensures full and complete compression around the whole lower leg. This design also enables the calf cuffs to be stronger and more durable whilst remaining breathable for comfort and to prevent overheating.

The Riixo recovery calf sleeves can be worn under our award-winning calf cuffs to improve your recovery and provide a barrier between the gel pads should you have a low tolerance to ice.

The Calf Compression Sleeve does not have the Riixo GelTech System integrated into it and so does not provide a hot or cold feature, and is not supplied with a case. It is designed for exercise and post exercise compression and the benefits of this to support performance and recovery.