NPH Group offers a range of testing services to help support individuals and businesses, including the management of infectious diseases.

Testing solutions, for testing times.

We offer a variety of tests – for travelling, getting back to work, or simply for your personal peace of mind. Please see what we have to offer and select the right service for you. Additional tests include Monkeypox, Flu, HIV, STDs, Malaria, TB. More information will be available at our sister site, Tests2Go.

Travel and business testing.

If you are travelling abroad, we have all scenarios covered. Many countries continue to monitor the requirements for a negative Covid-19 test and ‘Fit To Fly’ certificate for you to travel. Now or in the future, you may need an approved Rapid Lateral Flow Antigen or a PCR test for travel. Visit Tests2Go for more information.

Rules vary from country to country, and we have all the options covered. We will continue to provide inbound and outbound testing to meet regulated requirements, as well as specialist tests for China and Japan. We offer a number of lateral flow tests for other infectious diseases, including Monkeypox, Flu, HIV, STDs, Malaria, TB.