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What is Test Manager?

NPH iMed appDon’t allow Covid-19 to disrupt your business any more than it should…

Test Manager is an online platform designed to help businesses stay legally compliant by reporting test results within 24hrs of a test. It’s a fast, simple, secure, and UKHSA approved way to submit your test data.

NPH Group has simplified the process of reporting test result data for you through our online platform which makes capturing the required data for submission easy, while easily recalling individuals for repeat testing and submissions.
We have created a fully compliant and automatic upload capability, so you don’t have to worry about it, with a cost-effective solution so you’ll have none of the worries.

Make self-testing easy in the workplace

NPH iMed is an end-to-end Covid-19 testing and monitoring solution, developed in partnership with BHA Medical Limited to assist in collating and managing test results, reopen travel, leisure, events and entertainment.
One of the first independent online test verification systems in the world, NPH iMed is a leading solution for testing, managing and monitoring all of your Covid-19 needs.

Download the NPH iMed mobile application for iOS or Android and set up your personal and family profiles:

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