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2023 Health and Wellbeing Calendar
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Our 2023 Health & Wellbeing Calendar

Prepared thoughtfully for you

Having a health and wellbeing calendar can provide numerous benefits to businesses and organisations. Here are some reasons, in our view, why a business should have a health and wellbeing calendar:

Promote employee health and wellbeing

A health and wellbeing calendar can provide amazing opportunities for employees to engage in healthy activities, such as group exercise classes, healthy eating challenges, and stress-reducing workshops. Such initiatives can really help with overall better physical and mental health of employees, and increased productivity.  This also carries over into peoples home lives creating much less stress for everyone.

Show commitment to employee wellbeing

A health and wellbeing calendar signals a commitment to employee wellbeing, and that a business really cares about the health and wellbeing of its employees. Its easy to implement and fun to participate in.

Increase employee engagement

It is easier to get employees to participate in healthy activities if they are organised and presented in an organised manner. A well-planned health and wellbeing calendar can create enthusiasm among employees for the healthier initiatives.

Reduce absenteeism

Health and wellbeing programs can significantly reduce the rate of absenteeism and presenteeism from health-related issues. When employees are consistently engaged in healthy initiatives, there is a reduced likelihood of having to miss work due to health issues.

Boost morale and staff engagement

Employees who feel supported by their organisation are often more engaged and motivated to work. A health and wellbeing calendar can foster a work environment in which employees feel valued and invested in.

Implementing a health and wellbeing calendar can significantly benefit businesses and their employees, including healthier workplaces, increased engagement, less absenteeism and improved morale so for more information or to get your copy of the calendar we have prepared for you, please register your interest on the form below.

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