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As a business we don’t just deliver, we go above and beyond that.

At NPH Group we live and breathe our core values. We are working hard to make NPH Group a fun, inclusive and supportive workplace. We hire based on values, competence and potential and we want to see our people not only succeed, but exceed their career goals.

As a trusted North East Occupational Health and Health and Wellbeing provider, NPH Group is confident that our organisation is an exceptional choice when deciding where to work.  Our company is dedicated to creating innovative solutions to client problems across a range of industries. We foster a collaborative, inclusive work environment that encourages creativity and personal growth. Our team is made up of talented and driven individuals who are passionate about delivering high-quality results for our clients. Just check out the independently verified Feefo reviews!

We value teamwork, respect, and integrity, and strive to maintain a positive work-life balance for our employees. We are committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and pride ourselves on keeping up with industry trends. If you’re looking for an innovative company with a supportive culture and a commitment to excellence, we are the perfect fit for you. If you want to make a positive contribution to a team and develop a real sense of fulfilment, then come as visit and see for yourself how we can help you to be the best as part of the NPH Group family.

We look forward to hearing from and in the mean time, check out some of the values below that we all really aspire to.

Our company values


qualityOur mission is to provide the best quality health and wellbeing services we possibly can. To achieve this, we support our teams allowing them to continue their personal and professional growth. When you join NPH group your line manager will discuss training needs and identify development opportunities with you.

  • Personal induction plan
  • Monthly training sessions
  • Access to discussion forums
  • Support to develop


caringWe believe in building and maintain meaningful working relationships not only with each other but our clients as well, we genuinely care. NPH Group value diversity and we are committed to creating an inclusive, safe working environment. As part of the team at NPH Group we will support you, to help you feel and do your best.

  • Employee Wellbeing programme
  • Westfield Health Plan
  • Employee Social Platform
  • Team activities


passionatePassion for work brings with it a sense of belonging, and it’s contagious! At NPH Group we encourage growth, and we want to drive positive energy in the workplace. We are passionate about supporting each other in the workplace and recognising each other’s strengths.

  • A creative, positive work environment
  • We embrace change
  • We are open to new challenges
  • We aim to inspire and lead each other by example


integrityIntegrity is a highly valued trait by us. We encourage honest open feedback and understand the importance of trust and listening to each other. We also appreciate that everyone will have their own moral principles. We respect each other, including our differences

  • Open feedback culture
  • Collaborative leadership sessions
  • Opportunities to develop as a team
  • Regular 1-2-1s with team leaders


accountabilityWe ask individuals to take ownership of their work and projects they are involved with, and we understand the need to give employees autonomy in their roles. We recognise each other and celebrate when individuals achieve and accomplish their goals. We also support each other with learning and development when things don’t go to plan.

  • Improved team performance
  • Employee participation and engagement
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Higher team morale

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Other Little Things that make a Big Difference….

At NPH Group we are committed to giving back. We have donated to local charities including St Oswald’s Hospice.  We support team members who get involved in raising funds for local charities and we actively look at different ways we can support local communities.

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and managing the environmental impacts of our business

  • Office recycling scheme
  • Energy saving lighting – LED and timer lighting
  • Recycled staff uniform
  • Furniture sustainably sourced using recycled materials
  • 99% Paperless organisation.

Each year we take a day out of the office to get the whole team together. This day combines a business update and a group activity. The update gives us all a chance to take stock of where we are as a business and what we will be focusing on going forward. The group activity gives us a chance to relax and enjoy time together as a team. Among these activities we have done a treasure hunt and attended a shooting range.

NPH away day

Our CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) regularly organises team social nights. There’s no obligation to join us but we do enjoy the chance to get together outside of work.

NPH Group social nights

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