Health Screening

Health screening questionnaires are the first step in introducing a more comprehensive approach to the individual health and wellbeing of your employees. They are structured and organised in a way that helps people understand more about their own personal health.


Working environments that actively promote the health and wellbeing of their individual employees are more productive and ensure staff feel valued through implementation of an effective health screening programme. The most successful health screening programmes are supported with a robust health promotion strategy, which ensures that your workforce is fit to work within their roles.

This all helps to build understanding and resilience in the workplace and also help to inform how people can prevent ill health and support themselves better before stressors become a real issue.

HR departments that adopt a formal health screening programme can expect to see a healthier and more positive culture amongst their employees. A programme like this ensures that you are meeting employment regulations and safeguarding the health and wellbeing of your teams. They also support awards and accreditations such as ‘Better Health at Work’.

All clinical assessments can be delivered either on site at your place of work or at one of our clinics. Our recommendations will provide guidance with managing health risks. A natural bi-product of screening is encouraging a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce who feel valued, looked after and empowered to improve and monitor their health.

The impact of this typically results in a more productive workforce, reduced sickness levels and a more engaged workforce, and consequently everyone feels psychological safe to be at work.

Get in touch to start planning your health screening programme and our team are happy to help.

Work Place health needs assessments can be undertaken for a variety of reasons and they provide practical workplace health advice, enabling an employer and employee to make informed decisions about the working environment and how best to optimise this.

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