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The NPH Team
Dr Matt Thomas - Clinical Executive Director at NPH Group

Dr. Matt Thomas

Clinical Executive Director

Dr Matt Thomas is one of our Occupational Health Physician’s and Executive Directors. He was one of the founding directors of NPH and has been part of the team since the very beginning in 2010/2011.

As well as Occupational Health medicine as a whole, Matt specialises in aviation, being CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) registered, and is an aeromedical examiner. His day to day consists of the oversight and supervision of the work undertaken by other clinical staff. As one of the directors, he has regular meetings with managers regarding day-to-day operations and also inputs into the strategic direction of the business.

Before NPH, Matt was a GP principal with the NHS, and still does that now as well as working for NPH. His background has always been in healthcare, with going to medical school at the age of 18.

“I have two teenage kids, and we have a motorhome that we like to go away in as much as possible. I also like to be outdoors, doing lots of cycling and walking.”