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Serving The Construction Industry

In the construction industry, we go beyond addressing the essential health and safety requirements dictated by legislation; we adopt a personalised approach to ensure the well-being of your workforce.

From Employment Medicals to Drug and Alcohol Testing, our services are tailored to prioritise the health and safety of employees across the transportation sector, including public and private transport drivers such as pilots, HGV drivers, and train drivers. Recognising the critical importance of public and workplace safety, we offer comprehensive support in key areas such as:

Health Surveillance: Our health surveillance services proactively identify and mitigate workplace risks, ensuring a safe and secure environment for employees in the transportation industry.

Employment Medicals: Tailored Employment Medicals are conducted to assess fitness for the job role, supporting employee well-being and reducing the likelihood of accidents and injuries.

Drug & Alcohol Testing: By implementing rigorous testing protocols, we uphold safety standards and promote a substance-free work environment, safeguarding employees and the public alike.

Employees in the transportation sector often face unique challenges, including stress and mental health issues due to demanding job requirements. Our occupational health services provide vital support, offering resources for healthy mental well-being and physical health assessments to sustain productivity while minimising the risk of mental health issues and injuries.

Individuals with medical conditions require specialised assistance to remain effective in their roles. Our Occupational Health and Employment Medicals identify potential risks, enabling necessary accommodations and support for employees with medical conditions, promoting workplace inclusion and safety.

By cultivating a working culture that prioritises health practices and safety, especially in sectors closely connected to the public, our services enhance the overall well-being and safety of employees in the transportation industry, promoting a productive and secure work environment that upholds the health and welfare of all stakeholders.

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