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Occupational Health Services For Construction Companies

At NPH Group, we help both employers and employees within the construction industry in facilitating their health and wellness. From assessing the health and safety of the workplaces that these men and women work in, to the individual health of all workers, our goal is to keep both as safe as possible. Most industries find they use certain services which tick all the boxes they need. The health and wellness services below typically cover all bases within this sector.

Occupational health helps to identify and mitigate potential hazards and promotes workplace safety. This ensures that employees in the construction sector are safe and have a reduced risk of workplace accidents.

Construction workers are often exposed to hazardous substances such as dust and asbestos. Occupational health assessments can screen workers for respiratory illnesses and provide appropriate medical assistance, including preventative measures.

Construction work often involves heavy lifting and awkward postures, leading to musculoskeletal injuries. Occupational health can provide advice on injury prevention and design ergonomic workspaces to minimise the risk of these types of injuries.

Providing support for mental health is so important because the nature Construction work can be stressful, and workers often face long hours and pressing deadlines. Men are also reluctant to talk about how they are feeling and often need more support than they care to let on. Our Occupational health professionals can provide the mental health support needed, including counselling, to help workers cope with the stressors of their job.

Ensuring compliance with regulatory standards in construction is essential to avoid near misses or even accidental death in the Construction workplace. Medical and assessment that we offer,  ensures that those people we look after who work in the construction sector meet the regulatory safety compliance standards for the business and are deemed fit for work and roles, wherever possible. When the businesses, workers we support, and sector comply with the regulated standards, they have a safer work environment, satisfaction and reduce the risk of litigation.

Occupational health is critical for people in the construction sector in the UK to maintain a safe and healthy work environment. It is essential to have a program that promotes health practices, measures workplace hazards, assesses employee well-being and complies with safety standards in the sector.

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