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Occupational Health Services For Educational Institutions

Occupational Health For EducationHaving worked with many educational institutions over the years we have identified certain services to be fundamental within this sector. While every organisation is individually unique, and services can be tailored accordingly, these are the common services we identify as key in this particular sector.

Occupational health can assess the impact of potential hazards in the educational setting and help to reduce the risk of further injuries, including slips, trips and falls or other hazards from infectious disease or other exposures.

Infections and communicable diseases can spread rapidly in educational settings. Implementing occupational health services with guidance on interventions can help reduce the personal risk of contagion and make schools and other educational facilities safe for students and staff.

Teachers and other education staff may experience stress, anxiety and other mental health concerns due to work demands and other factors. Occupational health can provide resources for mental health support and intervention to reduce work-related stress. We support many educational establishments with active Attendance Management in addition to structured Health Surveillance and this all helps to reduce work based risks and keep people in work.

Occupational health can provide preventive care services too, such as Health Screening for personal health risk factors such as blood pressure and other chronic health conditions, reducing the costs associated with health problems in the work place.  We often combine this type of activity with Health Promotion which is often well received in the Education setting.

Educational facilities may have hazardous chemicals or other substances used in science labs and so occupational health can provide guidance and support to people exposed to this, and making recommendation on adjustments to promote safe handling around materials to limit the risk of harm to employees and students.

Occupational health is essential for people in the education sector in the UK to promote a safe and healthy work environment, reduce the risk of contagious illnesses, support mental health, promote employee wellness, and ensure proper responses int he the event of exposure to handling hazardous materials.


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