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Occupational Health Services For Engineering Companies

Occupational Health Services For Engineering CompaniesWorking within engineering, like many industries, comes with an element of danger and risk. To minimise these risks, NPH Group works with both employers and employees with safety and wellness at the forefront of everything. Similar to construction, we put steps in place to help facilitate the safety of everyone by offering a range of health and wellness services that deliver to a set of robust safety objectives. The most commonly used pillars for our engineering clients are usually the below:

Our occupational health services help identify potential hazards in the workplace, including engineering tools and equipment. Ensuring workers are aware of these hazards and provided with safety measures reduces the risk of workplace accidents.

It also promotes good mental health. Engineering work often requires highly specialised skills that can cause mental stress. Occupational health support and resources can effectively help workers cope with stress as well as mitigating the risk of long-term physical health conditions. Engineering work often requires exposure to materials and substances that can lead to long-term health problems, so Health Surveillance and Health Screening can help identify potential health risks, put in place preventive measures, and prompt early treatment of developing illnesses.

Our occupational health professionals assess workers’ physical health to ensure they are fit for the role and work being undertaken. Special accommodations can also be made for workers with disabilities to ensure they are included in the team effectively and reports can be generated from a Attendance Management Referral to obtain this professional and legally compliant advice and guidance.

Occupational health can help ensure the engineering sector meets regulatory safety compliance standards required by law, and the workers’ wellbeing is properly taken care of. It is crucial for people in the engineering sector in the UK. It helps promote the safety of workers on job sites, enhances workers’ health and mental wellbeing, improves workplace productivity and promotes compliance with regulatory standards and consequently reduces the risk of litigation.

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