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Occupational Health Services For Manufacturers
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Serving The Manufacturing Industry

manufacturingWithin the dynamic landscape of the manufacturing industry, we elevate our commitment beyond regulatory requirements to provide a specialised approach that ensures the well-being and safety of your workforce.

Tailored to meet the distinct needs of manufacturing professionals, our services encompass a wide spectrum of roles within this sector, underscoring the significance of health surveillance and employment medical assessments. At the core of our offerings lies a focus on promoting a secure and healthy work environment for all employees. Key components of our services include:

Health Surveillance Programs: Our comprehensive health surveillance initiatives are designed to proactively identify and mitigate potential workplace hazards, ensuring a safe environment for manufacturing personnel and mitigating risks associated with occupational hazards.

Employment Medical Assessments: Tailored employment medical assessments are conducted to assess the fitness of employees for their designated roles within the manufacturing sector. These assessments not only support employee well-being but also help reduce the likelihood of work-related accidents and injuries.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation: We prioritise risk assessment and mitigation strategies to address potential health risks in manufacturing settings, enhancing workplace safety and promoting a culture of preventive health measures among employees.

Occupational Health Awareness: Our initiatives underscore the importance of occupational health awareness by providing educational resources and training programs aimed at promoting a culture of safety, health, and well-being within manufacturing facilities.

By emphasising the critical importance of health surveillance and employment medical assessments in the manufacturing industry, our services contribute to establishing a proactive and preventive approach to employee health and safety. Through a concerted focus on creating a secure work environment and supporting employee well-being, we aim to enhance productivity, reduce absenteeism, and foster a culture of health and safety excellence within manufacturing settings.

I have worked with NPH Group for three years, and found their service to be professional, reliable and cost-competitive. NPH Group delivers a broad range of Occupational Health Services to our business, and have very recently met and managed the challenges of our changing business needs. Our designated Occupational Health Advisors are professionally qualified, continually developed, have industry-specific knowledge, and are commercially-minded whilst remaining empathetic and approachable. I would recommend NPH Group to any business requiring a professional, flexible, impartial and independent OH service at a competitive rate.


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