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Occupational Health Services For Transportation Companies

Not only do we cover the expected health and safety needs of the legislation within the transportation industry, we also take a very personal approach.

From Employment Medicals, to Drug and Alcohol Testing, we ensure that the health and wellness of employees like public and private transport drivers, including pilots, HGV drivers, train drivers etc is fully catered for, and we recognise the paramount importance to ensure the public, and work place safety.  Typically, the most commonly used pillars for our transportation clients are those listed below:

Occupational health helps identify and mitigate potential workplace accidents and ensures that employees in the transportation sector are safe and have a reduced risk.

Typically employees in this sector may experience stress and other mental health issues due to long hours of work, lack of social interactions and the potential for physical isolation. Occupational health provides support and resources to ensure healthy mental wellbeing of employees as well as ensuring physical health with assessments designed to ensure employees are fit for the job. This reduces the risk of mental health illness or injury, ensuring employees remain productive and active.

Employees with medical conditions often require specialised support to ensure they are fit to work. Our occupational health services and Employment Medicals ensures that the necessary risks are identified and that support and adjustments can be made made wherever possible to enable employees with medical conditions chances to continue working.

Occupational health and our health and wellbeing services are beneficial to ensure the safety and wellbeing of employees in the transportation sector and we encourage the promotion of a working culture and environment that encourages good health practices and enhances safety in the workplace, especially when working so closely with members of the public in this sector.

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