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Welcome, your journey starts here…

Welcome to NPH Group!

Thank you for your interest in improving the health and wellbeing of your workforce. You’ve taken the first step towards ensuring a safer, healthier and more productive work environment, by submitting your form to access our Business Health Evaluation Tool.

What happens next?

Check your inbox: You will soon receive an email from us containing a link to the Business Health Evaluation Tool. This link is specific to you, ensuring your results are confidential and secure.
Begin your evaluation: Click on the link in the email to start the evaluation (save and come back to it at any time). The tool is designed to support your assessment of your business health needs.
Complete the evaluation: Take your time to accurately complete the evaluation. Your responses will help us understand your specific needs and guide our recommendations.

Engaging in our digital online health evaluation process not only streamlines the gathering and analysis of your specific health needs, and also enhances the overall effectiveness of your occupational health strategy. This modern approach is an essential step towards ensuring a healthier future for your employees and your business.