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Celebrating Excellence in Health & Wellness: NPH Group’s Commitment to Industry Leadership


At NPH Group, our core mission has always focused on enhancing Occupational Health and wellbeing. This year, we’re proud to extend that mission through our sponsorship of the 'Excellence in Health & Wellness' category at the 2024 HR&D Awards. This partnership is not just an opportunity; it’s a spotlight on our dedication to the health of the workforce across the North East.

A Shared Vision

Our decision to sponsor this category stems from a deep-rooted belief in the power of exemplary health practices within the workplace. The North East has continuously demonstrated its dedication to excellence in HR&D, and by aligning ourselves with the HR&D Awards, we celebrate this commitment alongside like-minded businesses. Our sponsorship allows us to highlight and support those who are making significant strides in enhancing workplace wellness – a mission we live by at NPH Group.

Support Beyond Sponsorship

At NPH Group, supporting professional development and career growth spans beyond the clinical services we provide. We are committed to fostering an environment where learning and growth intersect across all roles. From hands-on training through Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs) to monthly in-house training sessions, we equip our team with the tools needed for success and continuous improvement. By investing in our people, we invest in the future of Occupational Health and wellbeing.

Impact and Influence

Through our sponsorship, we aim to connect and engage with more businesses that prioritise health and wellbeing. Celebrating outstanding practices in HR is crucial – these companies set the benchmark for what is possible in creating supportive and thriving work environments. We anticipate that our involvement in the HR&D Awards will inspire further dialogue and action toward elevating the standard of workplace health across industries.

Why It Matters

Prioritising employee health goes beyond good practice – it is foundational for business success. Healthy employees are engaged, productive, and more connected to their work, creating a cycle of positive outcomes, including reduced absenteeism and enhanced team dynamics. By spotlighting the importance of health and wellness through our sponsorship, we underline the critical role of well-being in achieving business excellence and sustainability.

Our commitment to health and wellness extends beyond our services; it is about shaping a healthier, more productive future for all. We are excited to celebrate this vision at the HR&D Awards and to continue promoting health as a pillar of corporate and personal success.

If you share our passion for excellence in health and wellness and are interested in exploring opportunities at NPH Group by working together, please do not hesitate to reach out to us by getting in touch at https://nph-group.co.uk. 

Together, let’s set new standards for health and wellness in the workplace.

Follow this link to find out more about our sponsorship of this exciting category https://netimesmagazine.co.uk/presents/hrd-awards-meet-the-partners-nph-group/.