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COVID – 19: Stress Awareness Month

Raising awareness around stress

April marks Stress Awareness Month and it aims to make people aware about the different effects of stress. Here at NPH, we thought it especially important to bring this to people’s attention given the circumstances. We hope this blog will help you understand, seek advice if you need it or just raise your awareness.

Coronavirus has seen us all enter a stage of uncertainty and being concerned about the news is understandable, but for many people it can make existing mental health problems, such as stress, worse.

First, it’s important to remember that it is ok to feel this way and that everyone reacts differently to certain situations. What we need to remember is that this situation is only temporary.

Given the circumstances, it’s normal to feel a bit stressed about everything. It’s important that your concerns are shared with others that you trust. If you can’t speak to someone you know, or if doing so has not helped, there are plenty of helplines you can try instead.

We have contacts you may wish to use – please see here.

Sticking to the facts can help how you feel massively – find a reliable source you can trust – such as GOV.UK or the NHS website – and double check any facts or information you get from newsfeeds, social media or other people.

It’s normal to be feeling stressed as we haven’t experienced anything like this before. It may be difficult trying to deal with the uncertainty, as each day things unfold so quickly, but just remember it’s normal and expected.

To help with the feeling of stress, and to manage your mental health, the key is to be kind to yourself. Don’t beat yourself up for feeling the way you do, or if you feel you’re not coping as well as you’d like. This is new, for all of us. We’re not suddenly going to become perfect at working from home or be used to being restricted to what we can and can’t do, it’s normal and there are people to help.

Make sure you still do the things you enjoy if you can, you can still read, listen, learn and watch. Staying connected is important, so be sure to keep in touch with people you trust and can talk to.

Life has become stressful, uncertain and challenging for us all because of the COVID-19 outbreak. It’s vital to remember that there is no right or wrong way to feel during this difficult time. Everyone reacts and copes differently to the situations they’re in.

How have you been affected by Coronavirus? Share your experiences or ask us any questions by emailing us We’re here to help.

For more help and support with your health and wellbeing concerns please call our main support line for advice on 0191 6053140