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Let’s Talk about Covid-19 Vaccines

Covid-19 Vaccinations

At NPH we’re committed to helping businesses weather the Covid-19 storm. From the outset of the pandemic, our team have been working tirelessly on solutions for business. We, for example, stayed open assessing employees virtually from our homes early on and have been pioneering strategies relating to work and leisure in the Covid-19 era. These include providing testing in the workplace.

Antibody Testing
Antigen Testing

You can view our bespoke service by clicking on the ‘Find out more’ link below and see how your business can stay open in a Covid safe way:

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The news about potential vaccines has provided us all with much needed hope. It’s also clear that there are several other promising vaccines in the pipeline too. There is speculation about a vaccination programme starting in December 2020. However, it’s still too early to be certain about dates. Early signs seem positive, but the UK’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation need to be convinced of any single product’s safety prior to a mass programme. For now, we’re urging our client base to continue with Covid-19 safe measures, and we would be keen to speak to you about workplace testing as we believe this will continue to keep your teams safer and businesses productive this winter.

The UK Government has procured huge numbers of these vaccines for the most vulnerable in society and for individuals working on the front line in health and social care. Clearly, it is most important that these groups are prioritised, and we would not expect nor want to be amongst the first to be able to offer the vaccine to our business clients. However, once supply chains are secured and the most vulnerable in the UK are assured vaccine, we hope to be able to offer vaccinations to our business clients. On balance, this seems most likely to be at some point in the spring rather than this coming winter.

The rate of significant complications post-Covid-19 infection is much higher in populations to be targeted by the NHS vaccination programme. However, unpleasant and sometimes on-going complications can be seen in those not deemed to be at increased risk. As a result, we’re keen to discuss with you a strategy of vaccination for your business which might include all members of staff.

We’ll keep you posted on developments here. If you’re interested in hearing from us about our rapid test solutions and our ability to support you with testing and the management and monitoring of people in your workplace or venue then get in touch.

We will keep your details on file with your permission, and keep you updated on news about any future vaccination solutions for your workforce as things develop. We may simply be helping the public sector effort to administer vaccines, and whatever happens we are here to help.

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