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There are lots of interpretations of the term ‘partnership’ which explains why people are generally happier to talk about their practical experience of working with someone or a business as opposed to the concept of working in partnership.

What we know at NPH Group is that we are here to help people achieve better health in the workplace and at home, however that might be possible, by working together with people who share in our values and are a ‘match’ with our business. We think that at the centre of being able to do this well is an openness to work with our customers and clients to bring with them the wide benefits of experiences together for one purpose.

What our clients say

The team at BHA Medical have been working with NPH Group since the start of the pandemic and we regard them as a trusted partner.

The expert medical advice that we regularly receive from NPH Group sets them apart from any other Covid-19 transmission control service providers that we have encountered.

We have been so impressed with their proactivity and the desire NPH Group has to simply get things done quickly and efficiently, always being the first business to put in place the latest innovations.

For me one of the most important things is the way they embrace change and ensure that their clients are at the forefront of anything they do. NPH leads the way when it comes to Covid-19 data and training manager, an absolute triumph by the team at NPH Group.

Working with them has been a breath of fresh air for us and our clients. We are extremely excited to continue the journey with our trusted partners.

If you follow their innovations, you will not be left behind. Thank you, NPH Group, what a difference you have made to our business.

BHA Medical


At Physiotherapy Matters we have been working alongside NPH Group, since its inception in 2013, on a number of occupational health and wellbeing contracts.

It is refreshing to have a partner as dedicated as we are to helping to support our clients and their employees in the workplace.

Always looking to innovate and streamline processes to benefit the client and build on efficiency, NPH Group are a leader in occupational health, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them into the future.

Physiotherapy Matters