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Talking Health and Personal Success

Talking Health and Personal Success during a Pandemic with Former GB Olympian and Vitality Performance Champion

Following on from our initial kick off for our programme of Health and Wellbeing activity, we had a great opportunity through our link with Vitality Insurance, to host a call with Lizzie Simmonds, a Vitality Performance Champion, and an inspirational speaker.

Lizzie is a former British Olympic, European Championship, and a Commonwealth Games swimmer and medallist.
Last week, Lizzie shared her time to help us understand the secrets of Mental Health and Wellbeing habits for real success with words of inspiration and hope for employees, clients, and partners.

Coronavirus saw us all enter into a stage of uncertainty and has had an effect on people’s mental health, so what can we do to keep our minds happy and healthy?

Lizzie’s educational talk was surrounding the mind-set of positive lifestyle choices to achieve personal and business aims as part of the journey adjusting back to normality.

Lizzie’s talk spread the word about why it is important to be more open about mental health both at home and in the workplace.

With Lizzie’s key topics focussing on resilience – how to find opportunity from challenges; as well as managing stress and pressure and learning how to prioritise mental wellbeing.

With Lizzie’s help, we hope to get everyone in the workplace talking about how vital it is to be happy and healthy, both physically and mentally, and especially considering the circumstances.

Share how you’ve tried to remain positive through Covid-19 or ask us any questions by emailing us

For more help and support with your health and wellbeing concerns please call our main support line for advice on 0191 6053140. We’re here to help.