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Managing absenteeism with NPH Group
Managing absenteeism with NPH Group
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The benefits of having an Attendance Management Programme

An estimated 149.3 million working days were lost because of sickness or injury in the UK in 2021, equivalent to 4.6 days per worker.

Poor productivity and days off sick are costing businesses a staggering amount of money. Sickness-related absences and presenteeism are costing the UK economy £77.5 billion a year, with this figure set to rise.

All of the above statistics could have been improved by implementing effective Attendance Management with one of our OH clinicians.

What is Attendance Management?

For employees with health issues, Attendance Management supports them to stay in work, return to work, or address presenteeism (attending work when you’re ill). Our programmes enable decisions to be made about which clear path best supports employees in the workplace or those returning to work. Attendance management programmes are delivered remotely via phone or video call, or face to face either at one of our clinics or onsite as part of a blocked clinic (half or full day).

When should employers refer an employee for an Attendance Management assessment?

Effective Attendance Management is all about referring as early as possible once a concern is highlighted. An assessment would benefit businesses if they’re facing the following concerns with an employee:

  • Long term or frequent sickness absence
  • Ongoing health problems that are causing performance issues
  • Difficulties in coping with a return to work following illness, injury, or disability
  • Work-related health problems or their health is being aggravated (made worse) by work tasks 

How will an Attendance Management report help my business?

These are an investigation of the employees’ health & how effectively the person can perform their job. The medical report the employer would receive is the outcome of the assessment and the content is linked with the questions asked before the assessment.

We give guidance on how to support a medical condition in the workplace or how a health condition may progress in the future. We will advise if adjustments to a role or environment may be necessary & will answer any specific questions that may arise because of this.

A thorough Attendance Management report will inform managers of what an employee can do and how to manage them safely and effectively in the workplace even with an injury or illness. If it is felt that they cannot return at the time of referral an expectation can be given as to how long the employee will be absent.

Having an established Attendance Management system in place is essential for most businesses. It means fewer claims for work-related absence, the opportunity to amend job roles to support early return and change of role. This increases productivity while providing vital support for employees who need it.

We help employees return to work quickly and safely and identify any short or long-term adjustments or modified duties that may be needed.

For more information or to discuss getting Attendance Management for your business, please get in touch by calling us on 0191 6053140.