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Benefits of Absence Management
Benefits of Absence Management
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The benefits of Absence Management

The benefits of having an Absence Management

For employees with health issues, our Absence Management strategy is to support employees to stay in work, return to work or address presenteeism (attending work when you’re ill).

Having an established Absence Management system in place is essential for most businesses. It means fewer claims for work-related absence, the opportunity to amend job roles to support early return, and change of role. This increases productivity while providing vital support for employees who need it.

For employees with health issues, Absence Management supports them to stay in work, return to work, or address presenteeism (attending work when you’re ill). Our programmes enable decisions to be made about which clear path best supports employees in the workplace or those returning to work. Absence management programmes are delivered remotely via phone or video call, or face to face either at one of our clinics or onsite as part of a blocked clinic (half or full day).

Types of absence – there are a variety of reasons why people might take time off work:

  • Short or long-term sickness
  • Other approved absences such as annual leave, maternity, paternity, adoption, or parental leave; time off for public or trade union duties, or to care for dependents; compassionate leave; educational leave
  • Unauthorised absence or consistent lateness

The impact on your business – effects on businesses of employees being absent include:

  • Reduced overall productivity
  • Increased work and stress for colleagues
  • Possible loss of reputation among key stakeholders
  • Unnecessary and costly recruitment
  • Greater risk of claims and the cost of litigation

Preventing high absenteeism within your organisation brings high morale, a happy and healthy workforce and positive commercial benefit.

Key benefits:

  • Reduce work-related absence and presenteeism
  • Take control of appointments in our client booking system
  • Easing the burden to Human Resource (HR) functions with customer services
  • Support with assisting employees back to work as quickly and safely as possible
  • Excellent clinical experience
  • Objective and purposeful medical reports with clear advice on adjustments

We give guidance on how to support a medical condition in the workplace or how a health condition may progress in the future. We will advise if adjustments to a role or environment may be necessary and will answer any specific questions that may arise because of this.

For businesses, we make evaluating requirements a breeze with our online Business Health Evaluation Tool, which is available to all prospective and current clients.  It saves you money and time; and we will help you to assess your requirements.

Then, why not attend one of our Drop In Sessions and come and meet us in person if you would like to discuss you company needs over a tea or coffee.  We would love to meet you.