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Winter workforce preparation

Supporting the health and wellbeing of your workforce is important at any time, especially in winter. Organisations, leaders and managers are already doing a lot to ensure that staff and colleagues are well supported.  Read more to see how you can too…

1. Prioritise health and wellbeing conversations and opportunities

Ensure all staff have access to health and wellbeing conversations and encourage them to access support to address their needs and concerns.  Ideally these would be with managers or a trusted colleague, trade union representative, professional body or staff network representative.

Organisational policies and practices are likely to support regular wellbeing conversations already, so signpost to these and to any health and wellbeing conversation training that you might already have.

Informal support between colleagues and peers is also important to protect the wellbeing of staff and teams. Managers should identify opportunities to provide time and safe spaces for team members to provide support for each other, including after difficult experiences. Staff should be encouraged to speak to colleagues if they have concerns about someone else.

2. Protect rest breaks and provide access to good quality rest areas

Rest breaks enable staff to take time away from work to pause and recover. Leaders and managers should ensure staff are able to take their appropriate rest break. Remind staff of the need to take breaks and promote your rest areas.

3. Share what is already available

Develop a communications plan to promote health and wellbeing through winter. Work with your local health and wellbeing champions, local staff networks, trades unions and leaders to regularly communicate local health and wellbeing priorities and the availability of support.