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A personal view of working in Occupational Health

By Johnny Snell

In March 2021, I joined NPH Group as Customer Operations Manager. At that time, I didn’t know much at all about occupational health, what it entailed and the value it offers to organisations of all sizes and industries. Since then however, I’ve learned and experienced a huge amount about the practicalities, best practices and legalities of what HR and Health & Safety departments face every single week to ensure their staff are safe, supported, and healthy. I’ve also learned the ins and outs of what it is that NPH Group stand for and strive towards – namely our core values of care, passion, quality, accountability, and integrity.

What a year!

I was very lucky to join the Company at such an exciting point with a significant amount of development in such a short space of time. In my first 12 months alone, I already had the privilege of being part of a full Company rebrand, complete website redesign and best of all a clinic move to our new home at Victory House, Balliol Business Park. The way in which the fantastic team I work with have been able to adapt to this, is testament to how hardworking they have all been, and it’s been a real pleasure to work together to continue to develop the scope and delivery of what NPH Group has to offer. When I look back at my time at NPH Group so far, I can’t help but feeling a huge amount of pride at being a part of this progress.

A major highlight of my time here so far has been the relationships I’ve developed with our portfolio of clients across a diverse variety of industries. The more I’m learning about what is important and practical to each type of organisation, the more I can support in steering our service provisions in a direction that helps streamline our processes, while maintaining the high standards that define who we are as a trusted and respected occupational health provider. The next big step of this is the launch of our new Client Portal – something that has been developed very heavily on the back of client feedback with the aim of making life easier and our support and services even more accessible. I’m really looking forward to being able to share this with our clients and give them a clear idea of how important their input is to us.


Perhaps the most important thing I have learned about occupational health so far is that it means something a little different to every single person we work with. There are multiple reasons for this including size of the organisation, industry etc, but the most important thing to appreciate from this is how valuable it is to listen and recognise the reality that occupational health is rarely black and white – and the true value of what we offer I through being genuine, empathetic, and understanding.

What does the future hold for me at NPH Group?

Looking ahead, my personal ambition is to continue to drive our services forward and expand on what we offer within the six pillars of our core services. Every single week I hear creative and innovative ideas from our clients and partners and one of the best parts of my role is about taking these suggestions and pushing them forward to fruition. I want us to be able to support and impact the health and wellbeing of as many organisations, and more specifically their people, as possible. Post-pandemic, there has been a significant and unprecedented increase in the need for further levels of occupational support and something that I am personally very passionate about is promoting our Health Screening and Health Promotion services even wider afield – having seen the difference that these services have made across several of our clients from different sectors. These services are about educating individuals on how they can look out for one another, as well as themselves, on the back of what is effectively a personal health MOT.

I’d like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me so far during my time here. There are far too many of you for me to give shout-outs without missing anyone but to all my colleagues, our trusted partners and our fantastic clients you have made my venture into occupational health an exciting and thoroughly rewarding one.