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Lizzie Simmonds takes ‘Time to Talk’

Kicking off our programme of Health and Wellbeing activity

Last week, English competitive swimmer and Vitality Performance Champion Lizzie Simmonds, who has represented Great Britain in the Olympics, kicked off the introduction to our annual programme of activity on ‘Time to talk day’ with words of inspiration and hope for employees, clients and partners.

Lizzie’s educational talk was surrounding the mind-set of positive lifestyle choices to achieve personal and business aims as part of Newcastle Premier Health’s commitment to improve the health, well-being and productivity of people in the North East.

Why Health and Wellbeing?

Thursday 6 February saw Newcastle Premier Health invite some of their longstanding customers, partners, staff and media to find time to talk about how they could improve their health, well-being in life and productivity in their workplaces.

Lizzie’s visit spread the word about the importance of finding time to talk and why it is important for individuals to be more open about mental health both at home and in the workplace. With Lizzie’s key topics focussing on resilience – how to reframe failure and finding opportunity from challenges; as well as managing stress and pressure and learning how to prioritise mental wellbeing – these complemented each other well.

Going forward…

Newcastle Premier Health believe that by bringing together the right ingredients, helping people to talk and listen, can and will change lives. With Lizzie’s help they are hoping to get everyone in the workplace talking about how vital it is to be happy and healthy, both physically and mentally.

“Lizzie recognises the real value of supporting people in all sorts of different ways to make changes that improve people’s health. I am delighted to have been able to invite Lizzie to visit us, I know she will help to inspire us to think differently about what we can all achieve in the workplace and in our personal lives”, says Managing Director of NPH, Mark Philpott.

As a leading provider of Occupational Health services, NPH have a busy year ahead with many initiatives due to take place in the North East. They are on a mission to encourage and stimulate conversations across the North East and are inviting the media and business community to get involved.

The event went so well, that Lizzie’s actually coming back to see us in the near future – so keep your eyes peeled for our next exciting event around health and well-being; where we will be blogging about this and other upcoming events too.